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Critical Responses to Patricia Keeney's Poetry:

"Her portrayals of life as a daughter, wife, mother, worker and explorer are layered with longing, frustration and mystery, giving the reader a rewarding experience...more universal concerns - racism, politics, culture - dispense a multitude of meanings with trenchant images."
                                                               - George Swede. Review of First Woman in Verse-Afire. Vol.9, No.3.

"Keeney's poems are built upon painfully earned metaphors and complex emotions . . . she probes into an uncommon poetic realm with imaginative potency."
                                                               - Mick Burrs, Canadian Literature

"Irresistibly charming...A cry against loneliness...that strong single image, that strong single line."
                                                               - Yevgeny Yevtushenko, from the introduction to Selected Poems

"Energy is the word that best defines the poetic personality of Patricia Keeney, an energy that manifests itself both in its independence from the conventions of being female and in the lyricism traditionally associated with being female."
                                                               - Michele Duclos, Poésie Première

"Full of grace and lyrical eloquence. A poet with courage, vision and an authentic voice."
                                                               - Ted Plantos, Cross Canada Writer's Quarterly

"One of the best poets in anglophone Canada; an ability to convey interior experience in a detached, objective way that makes her text extremely lyrical."
                                                               - Hedi Bouraoui, Canadian Poet and Critic

"Lucid and impressive...direct and vivid. A warm, mature, indepen¬dent spirit."
                                                               - Ottawa Citizen

                                                               - Judith Fitzgerald, Toronto Star

"Experience raised by art to revelation."
                                                               - Journal of Canadian Materials for Young People

"Comprehensible and elegant....A balance of emotional honesty and attention to craft"
                                                              - Poet's Gallery Review

"Her poetry is ... intended to move each of us beyond old ideas and into our deepest humanity. Keeney articulates our half-thought words and phrases and expresses them with profundity and meaning."
                         - Hongyin WANG, An Introduction to the Chinese edition of Engenderings (Selected Poems)

"A very strong natural voice; there is a real life burning away in these poems."
                                                               - Ted Hughes, British Poet

"Delicate, intelligent, fine writing combined with genuine critical depth."
                                                               - Beverley Simons, Canadian playwright

"A strong mature voice."
                                                               - Ronnie Brown, Canadian Bookseller

"A splendid poet, with an economy of image that results in a kind of delicious surprise, like looking at so many separate and differently coloured beads on a string."
                                                               - Rona Murray, Canadian Poet

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